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Business Email and online Business Card (WebCard)

Webcard gives you business email solution that you can pop from email programs such as outlook express, Eudora or via your web browser by WebMail.

The WebCard is your first step to an online presence - your own business card online.

The WebCard service allows you to register a domain name (i.e. www.mybusinessname.com or www.mybusinessname.com.au), and set up a up to 5 personalised email accounts.

At your Web address you will get one standard page up and running on the Internet.

Your WebCard internet page can be used to display information such as your business address, email address and your company logo. You can start to use this domain name in your advertising and move up to the next level of hosting when required.

$44.00 AUD (Inc. GST) once of Setup Fee
$180.00 AUD (Inc. GST) Annual Fee paid in advance
+ Domain name registration costs

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